Dosatron Solutions –¬†Vehicle Washing


Dosatron chemical dosing dispensers are ideal for metering

  • Presoak chemicals
  • Engine and tire cleaners
  • Bug and tar removers
  • Waxes
  • Drying agents
  • Foaming brush cleaners

Dosatrons are easy to install and maintain, which means less time focusing on equipment and more time productivity.

Unlike venturi systems, Dosatrons have no orifices to block or replace. Installation is simple, and our external adjustment stems allow you to fine-tune your chemical dilution rate on the fly for optimal results. Since they require no electricity to operate, Dosatron chemical dispensers can also help reduce environmental impact for a greener operation.

Dosatron chemical dispensers are the perfect solution for vehicle washes of all types and sizes, from self-serve, tunnel and in-bay automatic car washes, to truck, bus, train and aircraft washes.