Dosatron Solutions – Dosing / proportional mixing of water soluble oils

Cut costs with efficient fluid metering.

Metal shops all over the world are discovering the benefits of using Dosatron to dispense their metalworking fluids. Dosatron’s volumetric proportioning principle allows you to closely control the amount of fluid being used so that none is wasted. Dosatron chemical dispensers are also water-powered and use no electricity to operate, which cuts down on energy costs and helps in sustainable development initiatives.

Aside from helping companies save on chemical and energy costs, Dosatron is also one of the easiest chemical dispensers to maintain on the market today. In fact, Dosatron is so efficient that some companies have been able to save up to $100,000 a year by switching to our fluid management system.

Dosatron chemical injectors are perfect for dispensing fluids used in: Cutting and stamping, Forming, Vibratory finishing, Die casting, Parts wash, Coolant systems, Drawing, Grinding, Waste water treatment and Floor scrubber fill stations.

Get a handle on your shop’s chemical management and start saving on chemical, energy and maintenance costs. Contact us today!

The Dosatron non-electric proportional dosing system ensures rationalised utilisation of additives. The Dosatron non-electric dosing pump ensures efficient metering and mixing during filling or adjusting operations with mineral or synthetic soluble oils, or the addition of biocides and anticorrosive and emulsifying agents.

Disadvantages of existing systems

Manual dosing

  • Permanent over or under-dosing.
  • lengthy preparatiotime.
  • Dirty and dangerous workstations.
  • Risk of contact with concentrated products.

Unreliable Venturi dosing

  • Major dosing variatioaccording to
  • viscosity, temperature, pressure and flow rate of the water circuit, and back pressure.
  • Difficult adjustment and calibration.
  • Pressure-sensitivity of the water circuit
  • (calibratiorequired according to flow-rate).

Electrical dosing

  • Pulse effect: injection with no mixing effect.
  • Flow meter required to obtaicorrect
  • dose proportioning iwater.
  • Not self-priming.
  • Risk of undiluted product spray in the event
  • of ainjectiopipe leak (pulse effect).
  • Pressure-sensitivity of the water circuit:
  • calibration required.


  • Inefficient cooling, lubrication and protection.
  • Premature tool wear.
  • Excessive energy consumption.
  • Poor surface condition.
  • Rapid development of bacteria.

Dosatron Solution

Incorporated ithe water circuit, the Dosatron pump uses water pressure as its sole power source. Driveithis way, the Dosatrocadose the various types of additive directly ithe water feed tanks of one or more conventional or NC machines. The precisioand reliability of the Dosatropump eliminate any risk of errors ithe dosing and preparatioof products such as emulsions and solutions.

The pump is not sensitive to the inherent variations (pressure, flow-rate, temperature, intake height and viscosity) of a fluid. Constant emphasis on quality at all stages in the manufacture of the pump, both with regard to the materials used and the test and inspection procedures applied, ensures an optimum response to the requirements of metalworking machine tool users.

Dosatron Advantages

  • Hydraulic, volumetric and non-electric.
  • Dosing proportional to water flow-rate.
  • Precision: surface quality optimised with no waste.
  • Excellent dosing repeatability and final solutiohomogeneity.
  • Emulsiodelivered directly downstream by water power.
  • Easy dosing adjustment at any time.
  • Easy to install, operate and maintain
  • (no electrical risks).
  • Self-priming up to 4M.