Dosatron Solutions – Landscaping


Flowering is one of the stakes in the optimising of environment standards. But every landscaping professional knows that lasting flowering calls for watering and the regular application of fertilisers and everybody knows that there is no flexibility on the working hours and the shifts.

That is why Dosatron built-in and automated fertilised watering is an ideal answer to your need for budget and time optimizing and means you make no concessions regarding the quality of your landscaping.

Fertiliser dosing for:

  • Public gardens, sports complexes
  • Roadsides
  • Flowerbeds, hanging planters
  • Green walls

Dosatron advantages

  • Optimizes time and manpower
  • Simple to use
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Simple to install and maintain


Flowering - Click to expand

Flowering is a genuine attempt to optimize the quality of the environment but every landscaping professional knows that long term flowering requires watering and regular fertiliser applications.

The Dosatron non-electric proportional dispenser installed at a fixed position on the sprinkling water network or on sprinkler tanker trucks watering flower beds, roundabouts, suspensions, planters, flowering walls. The unit gives a precise dose of network maintenance products, plant care and growth products that can be modified at any time and prolongs flowering times by including fertilisers in the water.

This dispenser may be included in a system and automated while remaining easy and economic to use.

Fertilising Irrigation of Sports Grounds

Turf for sports grounds is different from ornamental grass, grass for leisure and green area. It has to resist heavy foot traffic and therefore requires intensive and logical care: fertilization, irrigation, top dressing, and treatments.

The Dosatron non-electric proportional dispenser will be placed either on the automatic watering network when conditions are suitable for example stadiums or on the carried or pulled sprayer.

There are many advantages:

  • More accurate management of fertilisation or treatment plans (using only the strictly necessary dose)
  • No more tank residue, no more tank to be cleaned for the sprayer (less pollution)
  • Less risk of human errors (once the % dosing is displayed
  • The product injection will be constant and proportional to the water flow), speed of action, uniformity of action of products (homogeneity and constant dosing)
Weed killing

The fight to keep weeds down is necessary for safety reasons including starting fires, visibility of signs, slippery sidewalks, etc. to protect some plants or the public in places such as public gardens, pavements, industrial sites, railways. Logical protection of green areas is necessary for better respect of the environment.

Installation of one or two Dosatron non-electric proportional dispensers specific to this application on carried or pulled spraying equipment (sprayers, tanker trucks, trailers, quads, etc.) is very helpful in controlling weeds. The tank only carries clean water and the water+pure liquid product mix is produced at the location to be treated; no more mix to be prepared, no more tank residue, no more tank to be cleaned, an automatic and constant homogeneous mix with precise dosing since injection is volumetric and proportional to the water flow to be treated, application safety (reduction of product manipulations), a saving of working time (the mix quantity is no longer a limiting factor and several different treatments may be performed one after the other).