Dosatron Solutions – Irrigation


The objectives of fertigation are to control water quantities and added nutrients necessary for optimum growth of crops. Dosatron offers a constant injection ratio and uniform and proportional injection, adding flexibility to simple or automated systems, so that the producer can very easily take action whenever he considers it necessary.

Fertilising – Advantages of volumetric water powered dosing:

  • Hydraulic operation: eliminates electrical constraints so that dosing pumps can be used anywhere.
  • Precise: dosing proportional to the water flow passing through the Dosatron.
  • Small but numerous applications of nutrients to best satisfy the different needs of crops.
  • Unlike other systems, proportional dispensing provides uniform dosing of the products over the entire sector(s) .
  • Fertilisation or treatment plans can be modified at any time, without changing programming of the entire irrigation or control system.
  • Ease of use and maintenance.
  • Flexibility and speed of use (fixed or mobile).

The most frequently used dispensers:

  • D 3 GL 2
  • D 3 RE
  • D 3 RE 3000
  • D 25 RE 2
  • D 25 GL2
  • D 8 R


In some cases (hard water, hydroponics, etc.) you must continously correct or buffer the pH of the water.
In this case, special PVDF models are recommended if the weight of the acid in the stock solution is more than 6% and up to 10%.

Network Cleaning

Hard water:
It is recommended that nitric acid or phosphoric acid in fertilisation should be dosed at least once every week. The frequency depends on the calcium content in the water.
Another use is acid dosing by spraying for maintenance of leaf areas.
In all cases, it is preferable to keep the acid drum away from the dispenser and to put a lid on the drum.

Water containing algae:
Algae introduce a serious risk that drip holes could get clogged. A solution containing bleach water or sodium hypochlorite should be added to limit the development of algae or to destroy them.

Soil Disinfection

The purpose of soil fumigants is to make the soil fertile again when the producer observes a production drop related to the presence of pathogenic organisms or pests.
The proportional dosing pump applies products by dripping systems. This application gives agronomic results and enables:

  • equipment, time and product savings,
  • better protection of the environment (product control),
  •  more safety during application.
Flower Conservation
  • Dispensing of disinfection products in packaging station (filtration of calibration water).
  • Dosing of preservation products and presentation of fruit (wax, etc.).
  • The proportional dispenser is then integrated into the packaging line.

Cut  flower preservatives were developed to fight bacteria growth and bad odors in the water in the buckets in the flower shop and to ensure optimal development and colors for the flowers.

The DOSATRON proportional dosing pumps can be installed either directly in the packaging line at the production site or at the point of sales (retail or distribution).


Our aim is to allow the user to work from a clear water tank. Mounted on seeder-sprayer bars, the Dosatron dosing device will inject plant growing and protection products (no more than four) just before the pressure control valve.

This method boasts the following main advantages:
  • – Elimination of tank bottoms and related pollution risks.
  • – Possibility of stopping the treatment without loss of the product.
  • – No tank to clean.
  • – No risk of the tank overflowing and pollution when filling.
  • – Products injected separately and reduced contact time: no chemical reaction in the tank (precipitation, flocculation).
  • – Substantial savings through better control of chemical consumption.
  • – Elimination of risks of pollution: control of the amount of product injected and elimination of risks related to transporting tank bottoms.

Adaptation to any type of seeder is possible. The Dosatrons used in this application can be those from the D25, D8R or DI2.5 lines.


The proportional dosing unit injects the products needed for plant development by means of the irrigation network.

When installed on mobile irrigation booms in greenhouses, on trolleys or sprayers, the dosing unit(s) control and ensure the dosing of the plant protecting agents and account for :

  • more security during the application (automatic spraying inside the greenhouse without the presence of manpower).
  • They guarantee better environmental protection (no tank residue, no tank cleaning, perfectly controlled doses).