Dosatron Solutions –¬†Institutional Hygiene


Dosatron water powered proportional metering pumps can be used for automatic preparation of disinfecting, lubricating and detergent solutions.

Non Electric Precision Dosing Systems are ideal for;

  • Operating theaters – Surface Cleaning and Disinfection
  • Food processing environments ; concentrates to be dosed and injected include glutaraldehyde and organic acids such as peracetic acid, formic acid, etc. quatemary ammoniums, etc.
  • Boot Washers
  • C.I.P. (cleaning in process) – Dosatron dosing pumps are easily installed in parallel with the circuits to be cleaned, and provide precise and automatic dilution of descaling agents, detergents and disinfectants, without electricity.
  • Conveyor Lubrication Systems – achieving precise, automatic and uniform dilution of lubricants/disinfectants.

For more than 30 years, Dosatron has contributed to improving hygiene conditions in HACCP protocols, by providing precise and automatic dilution of disinfectants-detergents.

Unlike “venturi” type injectors, the proportionality of Dosatron pumps guarantees precise dosing independently of pressure and flow variations in water networks. Dosatron pumps are self-priming up to 4 meters, and are not very sensitive to degassing products, guaranteeing uniform dosing and enabling a direct readout and easy adjustment of the required dosing percentage.

Dosatron water powered dosing pumps (water is the only driving force) can easily be integrated into a central disinfection system or into an individual disinfection station (PHP), fitted on the wall or mobile (carriage).


  • AF seals recommended for alkaline products.
  • VF seal recommended for acids.
  • For peracetic acids, peroxides or products with a high chlorine concentration, the PVDF pump body option is recommended.
  • Respect disconnection standards in force for water networks.