Dosatron Solutions –¬†Fire Fighting & Inline Foam Mixing

Dosatron water powered dosing pumps (water is the only driving force) correctly dose foaming products used in forest fire and bush fire fighting.

This simple and precise solution is easily installed on fire fighting vehicles or in fixed or mobile stations connected to an ordinary water inlet. Dosatron pumps are adapted on vehicles through a console between the pump motor and the foam hose, and can be used with tanks full of clean water to precisely inject the wetting/foaming/retardant product at the last minute.

The Dosatron dispenser is used to dose these products both for PREVENTIVE and DIRECT FIRE FIGHTING purposes, to increase the natural extinguishing capacity of water by a factor of three. The Dosatron proportionality guarantees accurate dosing independently of pressure and flow variations output from pump motors or in water networks.

Dosatron pumps are self-priming up to 4 meters, are not very sensitive to degassing products, guarantee uniform dilution, enable direct readout and easy adjustment of the required dosing percentage and require little maintenance.