Bracton Group History

The Bracton Group is wholly Australian owned and operated by the Hunter family, founders of the Pine ‘O’ Clean brand, the most trusted & respected household hygiene product on Australian retail shelves. Since the conception of Bracton Industries more than 40 years ago, Bracton has consistently developed and imported innovative products for a range of applications and industries.

The Bracton Group consists of four industry leading companies:


Dosatron Sales & Service Australia

Dosatron Proportional Dispensing SystemsDistributors for the world leading industrial non electric dispense equipment.  Dosatron’s  high precision dosing units are use in a broad range of industries, including; agriculture, printing, hospitality, mining and fire fighting applications.

Dosatron – A business built on an invention

The concept of water powered proportional dosing was born in 1974 . This unique process was invented by two French brothers, Jean and Philippe CLOUP, one being an engineer and the other a vet and has been known as Dosatron throughout the world since 1974. It has led to the development of a range of water powered metering pumps designed to meet technical requirements specific to each area of operation.

By choosing Dosatron, it allows you to meet health and safety, water and environment management requirements while remaining cost effective and in control. Great ideas are universal because they are obvious.

Dosatron has built its growth on a visionary technology. It is now the leader in the field of water powered proportional dosing technology and ISO 9001 – 14001 -ILO-OSH and OHSAS certified by the AFAQ (French Quality Assurance Organization) and seeks to strengthen its image as an international pioneer. Since 2007 DOSATRON INTERNATIONAL S.A.S. is a Milton Roy. company.


Bracton Industries

Bracton LogoChemical manufacture for hotel and club industries, supplies via hospitality distributors to around 80% of hotels through across Australia have at least one of our products. Bracton beer line cleaners and associated chemicals are recommended and preferred by all major Australian breweries and hospitality organisations.


Bracton Beverage Systems

Possibly Australia’s most innovative beer dispense equipment manufacturer. Bracton Beer Systems manufactures and represents some of the worlds foremost beer dispense companies. Stocking everything for the cellar to the tap including the latest in energy efficient cooling technologies.


SoSafe Specialty Products

SoSafe Specialty Products Pty LtdDiversified industrial chemical manufacturer, supplies local government, mining, engineering, education, retail and contractors sectors. SoSafe products available in over twenty countries.

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